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“Editing is like killing your story and then very slowly bringing it back to life.” -Jean Oram

When we set out to write a book, we are building an intricate and complex structure, like a mighty castle. Our story can hold great power, but how we choose to lay its foundation, design its walls, and showcase its beauty and strengths determines the end result.

Will your book withstand the test of time?
What will it say about who you are, to both past and future generations?



Your ideas are powerful enough to be put on paper. With Castle Lyon Editing’s extensive experience, you can publish them with confidence. Whether you have just an outline or have built out an entire manuscript, your work will receive the most thorough and valuable feedback here.


Since 2016, Castle Lyon Editing has been guiding writers from all genres through the comprehensive editing process. We have helped dozens of authors produce publication-ready books, e-books, online programs, presentations, and workbooks. Our unique process ensures that each page is polished to the highest industry-standards and that the manuscript as a whole is organized and structurally sound, giving you a result that you are proud to share with the world!

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Step 1

Let’s start with a conversation about your writing skills and what doors you’d like your polished books to open. This is a free thirty minute consultation, via video conference if desired.

Step 2

During our meeting, we’ll spend a lot of time listening to you and taking notes. Our questions focus on what genre you write, the word count of your current project, what paths you’ve currently explored to move toward publication, and where you’d like to see your book in one to three years and the kind of impact you want it to have on your audience.

Step 3

Finally, we’ll share recommendations for your shortest and most powerful path to profitable, respectable publication with a book you can be proud to share with the world. We can discuss which of our services would best fit your needs, and how our editing process works with available editing slots. After our call, you’ll have new insight and direction on your writing project, whether you choose to hire Castle Lyon Editing to assist you on your manuscript or not.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation regarding your project.


What our Clients are saying

“Hiring Hannah was one of the best investments I’ve made to myself and to my story. She is accessible, responsive, and supportive. Even more than that, I appreciated the gentle push when she recognized I had more to offer my reader emotionally. Her talent helped me elevate my writing style, understand my voice, and communicate my succulent message for the world to witness.”
-Tina Kay, author of “The Succulent Kiss” and co-host of the “Dare to Rise” podcast